Language Teacher
(General&Business English/IELTS/TOEFL/SAT Preparation/French&Arabic)


I like to call myself “The Wanderer”. I love traveling; I have visited over 16 countries so far with my overall goal to visit every single country by 2030. I have lived in 5 countries so far, and I speak 3 languages fluently. Currently, I am living in Kazakhstan and I am working on improving my Russian.

  • Date of birth
    February 10th 1992
  • Languages
    English, French, Arabic
  • Hobbies
    Swimming, Reading, Writing

I have been teaching English for about 6 years. I began as an English Tutor in the United States of America for Iraqi refugees in Knoxville, Tennessee. Since then, I have taught in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Turkey.

I teach English for all levels; from Beginner to Advanced. Whether you are looking to improve your speaking, writing, or reading comprehension; or to increase your level in General English or Business English; or even to prepare for SAT (English and Maths), IELTS, or TOEFL examinations – I am here to bring your English level to the best it can be. Additionally, I also teach French and Arabic.

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English Teacher - Kazakhstan

2019 to present

  • Preparing students for the university entrance exams, SAT, and TOEFL/IELTS exams.
  • Teaching General English to Children, Teenagers, and Adults.
English Teacher - English Time, Turkey


  • Trained and recruited teachers on a monthly basis.
  • Tracked classes pedagogically on a daily basis.
  • Assessment of teachers on a regular basis.  
  • Prepared more than 50 students for the university entrance exams, SAT, and TOEFL/IELTS exams.
  • Taught General English to children, teenagers, and adults.
English Teacher - MBO Professional, Tajikistan


  • Taught English to Teenagers and Adults.
  • Supported students with developing the necessary skills required, based on their needs and level.
  • Conducted courses in General English for different levels.
Country Director - AIESEC, Tajikistan


  • Ensure the management of local staff and two local offices financially and programmatically.
  • Coach and Mentor the members of the National Board.
  • Creation and Execution of National strategy for the development of the Organisation.
  • Recruitment of the National Board to execute the strategy and to run different programs.
English Teacher - IBH, Kazakhstan


  • Taught English to Children, Teenagers, and Adults.
  • Supported students with the necessary skills depending on their needs and level.
  • Conducted courses in General English, Business English, Preparation for IELTS, etc.
Program Director - AIESEC/Turan University, Kazakhstan


  • Managed, trained and tracked five local office operations and programs in different parts of the country.
  • Managed two national projects; “Educate Me” (300 beneficiaries) and “Shine Bright” (127 beneficiaries); Educate Me consisted of providing social and communication skills training for high school students in 5 cities and Shine Bright consisted on providing social support to orphanages in Almaty, Kazakhstan. 
  • Signed 6 program partnerships with universities, organizations, and companies.
  • Managed the sales department in 5 different local offices and introducing the sales culture in our offices.
  • Tracked and evaluated the quantity and the quality of the social internships that the local committees are providing to international interns.
  • Helped local offices to establish a local compendium (Bylaws) that fits the reality of each committee. 
English Teacher - Bridge Refugee Camp, U.S.A


  • Taught Iraqi refugees in English. 
  • Provided community resources to encourage involvement. 
Project Intern - Search For Common Ground, Tunisia


  • Supported Youth Leadership Project by tracking events and assisting with logistics and budgeting. 
  • Developed databases to mentor and track Facebook pages and blog posts. 
  • Wrote the success stories of 24 youth councils.
SalesPerson - Argos, Tunisia


  • Answer incoming text messages and phone calls
  • Presented and sold company products and services through messaging and phone calls
  • Answered customers concerns and questions
  • Achieved the top 3 best sales results in the team during the last 6 months



Political Science - Maryville College


Computer Science - Carthage University



Languages: Native in French and Arabic, Native-Like fluency in English, Basic in Russian and Turkish

TESOL Certificate

Presentation Skills
Communication Skills
Leadership Skills
MS Office/Google Suite



Judge – ADB, Tajikistan Youth Blogging Competition, Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 2016

Delegate – AIESEC, International Presidents Meeting, Marrakech, Morocco, 2016

Chair & Facilitator – AIESEC, National Conference, Aktobe, Kazakhstan, 2016

Chair – Maryville College Model United Nations, January 2015

Delegate – Goethe Institute, Civic Education Conference, Alexandria, Egypt, 2013

Delegate – Generation for Peace, Peace Camp, Amman, Jordan, 2013

Delegate – WeYouth, North Africa Model United Nations, Tunis, Tunisia, 2013

Facilitator – AIESEC, Local Motivational Seminar, Hammamet, Tunisia, 2012

Delegate – AIESEC, International Training of Trainers (Int ToT), Lisbon, Portugal, 2012


General and Business English

I conduct classes for both General and Business English, with a strong focus on the development of key skills that suits the student’s level and needs.


I have a large swath of experience in preparing students for IELTS, and for TOEFL examinations. By using my teaching methodology to target student’s weaknesses, I have supported many students to obtain their desired exam results.

SAT Preparation

I prepare students for the SAT exam, SAT Math level 1 and 2.

French & Arabic

I teach French and Arabic to students at different levels.


It was absolute luck that I finally found a teacher who could practice with me the real street french. Aram not only helped me to build my french slang vocabulary but also gave me enough space to express myself without interrupting me after each sentence (that most teachers did). It was important for me to find a teacher who would correct me in a way that was not affecting my confidence and interest in french. I would recommend Aram to anyone who wants to speak french like a native.

Amina, Kazakhstan

While I was preparing for my SAT, I needed to find a teacher, who would not only explain to me the concepts and strategies to succeed on the exam, but also create an enjoyable environment for learning. I’m happy that I met Aram, who possessed those qualities and found an individual approach to me as a student. During the classes, Aram created a very productive atmosphere, filled with positive energy, which boosted my willingness to grasp new ideas and practically apply the freshly learned skills.

Throughout the time period of preparation for the exam, I was able to find in Aram not only a good tutor, but also a mentor and a friend, which helped me both academically and outside the class.

I wholeheartedly advice anyone preparing for SAT to work with Aram, as I can guarantee that you will receive the necessary academic help and enjoy the classes.

Mukhamediyar Kudaikulov, Kazakhstan

With Aram, you can study and have fun at the same time. You can feel that there is a friendly atmosphere. I was very lucky that Aram taught me. Without him, I would not get half of what I got in TOEFL. He really knows how to indicate and fix the problems of students and treats them with high accuracy and in an interesting way. I would recommend all students seeking TOEFL to go and study with him.

Osama Ahmad Fraij, Palestine

My experience with Aram is the best among all the other teachers I have studied with.

I started studying English from level 3 with him after they tested my level at English time (A language course in Istanbul).

Also level 4 and 5.. I believe that he was the reason behind enjoying the lessons and going to the course regularly.

I love English and I have the passion to learn it and he was the right person to help me to learn the language in a short time and in an interesting way.

I am so thankful to Aram because he was always different compared to other teachers, I like his skills and techniques,

they helped me and the other students to get the language in the easiest possible ways.

I definitely recommend him to everyone who is looking for a professional teacher to learn and enjoy English at the same time.

Mohammad Sido, Syria


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  • Address
    Nauryzbai Batyr St 99/1, Almaty 050012